Senator Stone calls on Governor Brown to veto SB 1

Monday, April 17, 2017

Now that Senate Bill 1 is awaiting the Governor's signature or veto, Senator Stone today issued the following statement:

"Senate Bill 1 will increase taxes on the people of California who already pay the highest taxes in the nation.

"The bill will add 12 cents a gallon to the gasoline tax, which is already among the nation's highest.

"The bill will make it more expensive to register your car, by an average of $48 dollars each year.

"The bill will increase the tax on diesel fuel which will lead to higher shipping costs and add to the cost of food, clothes and medicine.

"Who does this tax hike hurt? Not the coastal elite of San Francisco and Los Angeles who have shorter commutes and much more access to public transportation.

"It hurts the poor. It hurts the middle class. It hurts small business owners. It hurts those Californians, especially in Inland and rural areas, who often must drive long distances to get to their jobs.

"These higher taxes will impact the working poor and our seniors who are on a fixed income and have not seen an appreciable increase in Social Security for many years.

"Hard working Californians already pay taxes that are supposed to fix our roads.

"Instead of asking them to pay more, we should be restoring the taxes already being paid -- that were supposed to be for road and infrastructure repairs -- to their rightful intent.

"California does not have a revenue problem, it has a spending problem.

"For these and many more reasons, I urge Governor Brown to veto SB 1."